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History of Egypt

Egypt history time line started from 5000 BC when people first settled in the Nile River valley. Egypt was a seat of ancient civilization. Many dynasties ruled Egypt through the different periods of history. Each of the periods has significant influences on the history of Egypt. Archaic period in Egypt continued from 3100 BC to 2650 BC. During 2700-1640 BC, some of the magnificent pyramids were built in Egypt.

The Old Kingdom in Egypt continued from 2650 to 2134 BC. This period was very prosperous as trade and commerce flourished during this time. Worship of Sun God or Ra became very popular in the country. Some of the important pyramids were built under the rule of Pharaohs. The downfall of the Sixth Dynasty in Egypt marked the end of the Old Kingdom. The First Intermediate Period, which lasted up to the Middle Kingdom period, started in 2040 BC.

In 1640 BC, the Middle Kingdom in Egypt came to an end and the Second Intermediate Period started right after that. This period came to an end when the New Kingdom began in Egypt from 1550 BC. Many significant temples were built in Egypt during this period. Tutankhamon was a very important ruler of this era. With the fall of New Kingdom in 1070 BC, the Third Intermediate Period began. 712-332 BC is considered as the late period in Egypt. Egypt history time line saw the invasion of Alexander the Great during this time.