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Green, Grey and Diplomatic Passport Owners

·         Because of the extraordinary situation in Turkey, Green, Grey and Diplomatic passport owners, TSK, Police headquarters and law enforcement and judicial workers should get the neccesaary documents from their work place before they are going abroad. This outputs only in this way our guests can be allowed abroad. In this regard, our agency does not have any responsibility

Hotel Details

·         4* Heston Hyde Hotel vb. London standart room accommodation

·         4* Apex City Hotel Edinburg Hotel vb. – Edinburg standart room accommodation


·        Turkish Airlines economi class İstanbul –London / Edinburg – İstanbul free return air ticket

·         London– Edinburg economi class air Ticket

·         Taxes,

·         4* hotels, 3 nights accommodation

·         Breakfasts

·         Transfers between Airport – hotel – Airport 

·         Panoramic city tours in London and Edinburg

·         Turkish Guide

·         Travel Insurance (Any case of cancelation  %15 of total amount is out of coverage.)


·         Overseas fund exit (15 TL )

·         Visa fee

·         Lunch and dinner

·         Ekstra tours,

·         Personal expenses



        You will be able to visit the museum which was built in honour of Queen Victoria and her Husband Prens Albert's spectacular the crown jewels.

·         Windsor Castle, the largest and the oldest castle in the World, witnessed to the UK's 900-years history is also in our  schedule.

·         Most important crossroad in Scottish history,A symbol of the war of independence of the Scots against the British, Sterling castle that William Wallace lived in which we know from the movie Braveheart.

Deep Notes

·         **Bu tur Bin-Rota organizasyonu olup diğer acente yolcularınında katılımı muhtemel olacaktır. The organization of this kind has been prepared by Bin-Rota, the participation of other agents will be possible

·         ***This Program needs a visa. Insurance are not made for guests over the age of 80.

·         Being at the airport at least 3 hours before the specified flight time is a must.

·         Triple accommodation is given according to availability. Folding bed is given for the third person.

·         Airline wage increases will be reflected in our prices

·          Our agency is not responsible for the changing of the flight hours of the airlines

·         Travellers need at least 6 mounts valid passport. 

·          Passaport should not be older than 10 years.

·         All the airlines has a right to make a change of flight date and time as well as baggage handling rules without further notice to agency/passanger . Ekstra baggage handling fees belongs to guests.

·         For the enterence of England and Scotland shall have no obligation to any vaccine. For the meals which will be taken in the region's best restaurants and hotels we don't think you will face with a problem that will threaten your health. In any case for the moments you are not with the group we recommend you to be carreful with eating and drinking, definitely consume bottled water , avoid ice, milk and dairy products, order well cooked meat and fish, as fruits choose the ones that can be peeled the bark like banana, pineapple.  

·        Passport holders are subject to visa. Diplomatic, Servis ve Especial Passaport holders are exempt from visa not to exeed 90 days in 180 days for the visit to the mentioned country.

·         It's a direct flight from İstanbul – London which is about 4 hours. Direct flight  from Edinburg – İstanbul and takes around 4 hours 15 minutes.

·         Pound is the currency in England and Scotland (GBP). 1 GBP is approximately 4,45 TL. Mostly visa and master cards applies in big cities, hotels and restaurants. In small cities using kredit card may be a problem. 

·         Time difference between Turkey and Englan is 2 hours..

·         If your mobile phone is available for roaming, than you will not have any problem for international calls. 

·         We recommend you to bring T-shirts which can be easily worn and removed, shirts with long and short sleeved, cotton pants, shorts, comfortable walking shoes, raincoat, thin coats for nights and thing jumpers. Other than this, hat, sunglasses, suntan lotion, ear plugs for in case, camera, video camera and their charging adapter, and spare memory card.

·         English cuisine is quite like Europeon cuisine. Sunday roast, fish&chips, British breakfast, mushroom steak, grilled tomato, baked beans are among the most famous dishes.

·         Elekctric current in England and Scotland is 230V and the plugs are G type. For example;

US and United Kingdom Flights

·         United Kingdom and United States by the relevant authorities to be notified accordance with the rules;

·         Since 25 March 2017, for the flights which will take off from Turkey to US or to UK, electronic devices larger than standart size smart phones,  (except for medical devices) will not be carried in the aircraft cabin. Within the scope of this application, all laptops, tablets, cameras, e-book, game concoles should be in the luggage under the plain. 

·         For the flight to UK, there is not a constraint to carry your camera in the cabin. 

·         This application is valid on flights departing from Turkey. It is not valid for the flights which will be departing from US or UK to Turkey. 

·         Passangers can use internet by connecting to the Wi-Fi servis in the flight cabin with smart phones 

·         Related electronic equipments will be delivered at the boarding gate. Passengers will be able to use their devices up to the aircraft door.

·         Transfer passengers will be required to delivere their related electronic equipments on arrival in Istanbul at the boarding gate. 

·         If the passangers do not prefer to leave their electronic equipments at the check-in point in the lagguages, electronic equipments will be 

Yolcularımızın elektronik eşyalarını check-in esnasında bagaja vermeyi tercih etmemesi durumunda, elektronik cihazlar İstanbul’da boarding işlemi sırasında etiket karşılığı teslim alınarak itinalı bir şekilde özel bagajlarla taşınacak. Görevli personellerimiz varış sonrasında belirlenen dağıtım yerinde yolcu bagaj etiketi - cihaz eşleşmesi yaparak elektronik cihazları sahiplerine teslim edecekler.

·         Bu yasak 16 cm´i asan telefonlar, tabletler, laptoplar vesaire icin gecerli (tam boyutlar su sekilde : Length: 16cm x Width: 9.3cm x Depth: 1.5cm) >