Tour Category:                      Delphi in Day tour from Athens

Tour Name:                            Delphi Hosios Loukas Monastery Private Self Guided

Duration:                                9 hours Daily tour

Departure and End city:     Athens

Tour Type:                              Private car with driver

Tour Highlights:                  Private transportation to Delphi for 1-7 people Explore Delphi on your own Stop at the nearby village of Arachova and one other site selected by your driver Take advantage of your guide/driver's local expertise and personalized attention

Price: £135




Ride to Delphi from Athens with a private driver, then explore on a self-guided tour. During this 9-hour experience, up to 7 people can relax on the private car ride to Delphi. After drop-off, stroll around the area on your own, seeing attractions like the village of Arachova and the Temple of Apollo. The monastery of Osios Loukas is an important part of this private tour and, just like Delphi, is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Opt for an additional surprise destination chosen by your driver, or let him/her know of any special interests you have that could determine extra stops. Pickup and drop-off at your Athens hotel is included.

This is a really private tour! The destination is a "touristy" one but you will still experience "real Greece" if you follow the foot steps of your driver/guide... to show you what this country has been gifted with: hospitality, harmony, warmth and spontaneity.

Begin the drive towards the northwest area of Athens, where you will arrive at the archaeological site of Delphi in just 2 hours without any unnecessary stops that many scheduled tours make. Explore the classic treasures, theater, and the ancient ruins taking photos along the way. Take a moment to appreciate the Temple of Apollo, originally built in 7 B.C. and reconstructed on 2 additional occasions. After observing this very historic archeological site and museum of Delphi, head to the scenic Arachova village, a small mountain town rich in culture, for a quick walk and photos.

Next, leave touristy Arachova behind and let your driver/guide treat you to some really authentic Greek culinary delights for lunch in an non touristy location observing the locals in their every day life. This is an important part of ALL our tours, since we love authentic food and mixing with the locals, so that you get a real feeling of Greece.

Then, the Hosios Loukas monastery will be visited, with your driver arranging for coffee and homemade dessert to be ready for you after exploring the site. This beautiful location offers excellent views and peaceful surroundings. Enjoy your drink at the beautiful courtyard of Hosios Loukas monastery. If you like to explore and see more, let your driver know in advance, because the area has a lot to offer and there are additional sites and coastline areas to visit. At the end of your day, you will return to your accommodation

Note 1: Do not compromise for any trip/tour to Delphi without a visit to Hosios Loukas monastery too! They are both UNESCO sites and our favorite is Hosios Loukas!

Note 2: Best time to visit? Both summer and winter time. We enjoy winter more!

Note 3: This tour does not waste time to pick up and drop off people or stop at souvenir shops. It is private and can only be ideally adjusted for you or cancelled "under force majeure".