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Dubrovnik Travel Tips

Ever wanted a gorgeous seaside fortress of your own? Picture it: Huge stone walls keeping the lapping sea at bay, while you dine in the safety of your Baroque palace. Incredible, right? You can come close to this fantasy with a visit to Dubrovnik, which (by our standards) is straight out of a dream.

This small city on the Dalmatian coast has got it all: travelers from all over the world flock here to experience the rich history preserved in the monuments and buildings, to taste the fantastic local cuisine, to take a few fun daytrips, and to bask in the warm waters spilling onto pebble beaches. Snapshots won't do: You have to be here yourself to see what all the fuss is about.

How To Save Money in Dubrovnik

Pack your lunch

Although the picturesque cafés will be beckoning to you, the only things more tempting, the beaches, are perfect for picnics. You can pack goodies from the local bakeries and open-air markets.

Order local drinks

Continuing the push for local products, we recommend that you request Dalmatian beer or liquor. If you really want to indulge, bring a bottle to a wine store and get a refill of the local vino.

Stay outside of town

We know that you've come here to enjoy Dubrovnik's delights, but taking a couple of daytrips into town might be all you need. Then, you can stay along the Dalmatian shores and enjoy fewer visitors and lower prices. The suburb of Lapad Bay is a great nearby option, but the farther away, the more you save.